Greetings from Socialwizz HQ!

Hello Everyone! This is Gemma Pybus, your local and friendly copywriter! Welcome to my new and shiny Socialwizz website (created with the help of the marvellous Emarketing Strategy, thank you guys!).

I am in the exceptionally lucky position of being able to spend every day doing what I love: writing unique copy.  No matter who I am writing it for - an Outdoor Clothing Store, a Cosmetic Practitioner, or an Estate Agency - I love to learn new things about different Businesses and what is involved in the day-to-day life for the people who work there.

No-one knows your business quite as well as you, but with your help and guidance I really believe that I can write effective copy for anyone!  Work that I have ghostwritten has been published in a variety of different publications, including academic journals, so why not let me help you with your own copy?  I offer a prompt and affordable service and would love to work with you, so get in touch today!

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